Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Halya said...

Hey Pilar! I just wanted to drop you a fun hello from myself. I wonder if you even remember me, but we met at the Ottawa animation party on Saturday night. It was really cool to meet you and to check out your site and whatnot. So thanks! Drop by at my blog anytime you want too, and I hope I get to see you again in the industry once I graduate :P Take care now!!

P-Log said...

Hi Halya!! Wow! How long ago did yo uwrite me? Geez I really oughta check my blog postings more often!!
I love your pirates! I want to see Action Pirate Jeb!! He looks really cool! I think I remember you from Ottawa do you have a picture online? I am pretty sure I hung out with you with a bunch of folks at one of the latter half parties. Ottawa's always so cool I already can't wait until Next September! Good luck with everything!!