Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Did I mention that Joanna Quinn Rules?

Joanna Quinn and me with director Bruce Alcock at the closing night party at the festival! I'm saying,"I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!"

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ottawa, Pumpkins and Piggies

I'm trying to figure out what was the highlight of my day yesterday; If it was getting to meet Joanna Quinn and getting to tell her that I totally worship the ground that she walks on

or getting to meet adorable Lili the voice of Pepa Pig! (If you have never seen this show, go online get a listing and find out where its playing in your area!!! Its so cute!!)

or was it winning 2nd prize in the pumpkin carving contest for the second straight year (the Cartoon Network Swag gets better and better every year in the gift bag they give you)or getting to see the awesome animators, old friends and New alike!!!! I think the whole day was fabulous, it was all one big highlight!!
I'll tell you one thing it was hot outside! I don't think I've ever seen it this hot at the festival! But it came in handy at the outdoor picnic! I came to the picnic with the intention of making a pumpkin microwave for the pumpkin carving contest, basically a pumpking carved to look like a microwave (ten years ago me and my friends made a pumpkin computer!!) so I get there and the pumpkins are all gone!!! So I'm all sad so I run into Royleen Chris Robinson's Mom and Chris's son Jarvis. I am cheered to see Jarvis busy at work on his own pumpkin. After chatting with them and telling them that I probably wont get to do a pumpkin this year Jarvis practically magically pulls a pumpking out of thin air and gives it to me!! It turns out that it was sitting there next to him and he could have just kept it but he gave it to me!!! So I dedicated my pumpking to Jarvis! The size of the pumkin was perfect for another kitchen appliance, a toaster! So that's just what I did, complete with toast_shaped pumpkin pieaces. When I did win, from the the gift bag I presented him Blue from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends!!!
I also received a blue cord from new friend of mine, Jason! He insisted on givng it to me and the toaster cord is what made the pumpkin, right now Lili and I are working on a prototype for a new solar-powered toaster!
Well I am just so excited, Linda Symenski described me as something of a "Pumpkin-Savont" because over the years I have won alot of these things, even though I never expect to win!
There will be more later. I am going to buy this new software called Digi Cell! They have it at a table and they let me try it out, it works like a vertical exposrue sheet!! You can draw right into it and it looks like pencil!! They animated the Simpsons Movie with Digicell! So I might have to gte it and I can get it for only $40! I'll keep you updated! Keep and eye out for another posting later today!
until then!...

Friday, September 21, 2007

Ottawa day 3 and sketching

I was sketching last night at one of the gallery parties, they were screening work and having wine and beer. Me a few few people went into the alcove where we had our own screening on my laptop computer. It was kinda fun because then we ended up having our own little crowd as we took turns and popped our DVD's in.
This is a sketch that I did while I was demonstrating my tablet PC to a bunch of folks. I like him, this is some colonial guy I sorta started sketching, I think I want to see where I can take him.

This is another one that I doodle last night as I was demonstrating. I call him LionKid. I dunno why it just seemed right at the time, I think I'll keep sketching him too!

Well I am off to the Animator's Picnic! I will upload a photo of my pumpkin from the world famous annual pumpkin contest that they do every year. I never do the contest to win, i just do it for fun, but my Pumpkin Viewmaster DID win something last year so ya never know, hmmmmmmmmmm.....

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ottawa: Day two

As I dive into the fray I must not forget to adorn my neck with the all-important Festival Pass, the golden ticket of all events Ottawa!
A great line up of films this year!

Last night I went to the feature film screening of Perepolis, a film based on the graphic novel of the same name, about a girl growing up in Iran. Totally amazing.
There was a line around the block and I waited on it only to find that I didn't have to stand on line if I had a pass..ehem
That's what sleep depravation does to you!!!
Until next time!!!!...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Animator's view of the world (sideways apparently)

I was too clueless to change the orientation but this is the view from my room, I just arrived at the Ottawa Animation festival and am all checked in. I like the old colonial style church that I can see from my window
This year has a great line up! Including this evening's screening of a film based on Persepolis a wonderful graphoc novel of the same name.
Until next time!!!