Friday, September 21, 2007

Ottawa day 3 and sketching

I was sketching last night at one of the gallery parties, they were screening work and having wine and beer. Me a few few people went into the alcove where we had our own screening on my laptop computer. It was kinda fun because then we ended up having our own little crowd as we took turns and popped our DVD's in.
This is a sketch that I did while I was demonstrating my tablet PC to a bunch of folks. I like him, this is some colonial guy I sorta started sketching, I think I want to see where I can take him.

This is another one that I doodle last night as I was demonstrating. I call him LionKid. I dunno why it just seemed right at the time, I think I'll keep sketching him too!

Well I am off to the Animator's Picnic! I will upload a photo of my pumpkin from the world famous annual pumpkin contest that they do every year. I never do the contest to win, i just do it for fun, but my Pumpkin Viewmaster DID win something last year so ya never know, hmmmmmmmmmm.....

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