Saturday, December 03, 2005

Baby, It's cold outisde!

My obsession with drawing the girls continues- When I visited them this summer I saw how fun fun funny they were, like little animals so I got inspired and drew them in animal masks.
Did I mention that it's cold? I'm going to Massachusetts and guess what? its even colder up there WITH SNOW hehehe

matter of fact its so cold outside I think about dog sledding (which in some states, depending on animal cruelty laws, is a cruel practice of course depending on the animal handler but here in this sketch I like to imagine these are happy dogs but for the most part, people, don't support dogsledding if you go to Alaska) so here's Sparky with some new friends, I love the rough pencils on this one.

I want to mention that I lost a dear friend, Wendy Jackson-Hall and thats why I'm going to Massachusetts, for her memorial. She passed away a couple of weeks ago and she was a beautiful person. This is such a loss to the animation community. I looked up to her, she was so ahead of her time. a really beautiful person, I hope to help perpetuate her energy and love for animation for all time.
More on Wendy:

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