Monday, December 05, 2005

Remembering Lockheed

Today my tribute to Lockheed the Iguana continues. He was a nomad with me traveling through six different living abodes over the years. He commanded respect and I taught those around us to respect him as another "human" being, even my cat who was a little nervous around Lockheed, especially when Lockheed would extend his dewlap (the Iguana's version of a chicken "comb" that hangs down from his chin) and flick his head up and down, that's Iguana-speak for stay out of my territory. My cat would go "ok fine I know when I'm not wanted" and join me on the couch. His cage is now dismantled and nicely packed away in the closet, saved for when I'm ready for the inevitable next iguana that lands in my lap. Noone can replace Lockheed, but he has instilled in me a love for Iguanas and i can't imagine life without an iguana in it now! But for now I will remember him and the joy that he brought into my life!

This is a sketch that I did about nine years ago on the back of a brochure from an un-named institution (hehe). That's me on the right and the iguana holding the soda cup is Lockheed, the one to the right of Lockheed is based on Rizzo, my friend Fred's iguana (also passed on to the rainbow bridge) and Lockheed's play-partner.

Lockheed and that's his play-partner Rizzo you see on the side there.

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