Saturday, May 09, 2009

Been neglecting my blog but alot's been happening!!!

The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind! I've been doing a complete and total overhaul on my website, it is almost finished and I am pretty proud of how it's coming out! And last week the music video that I animated for a wacky song called "My Sister's Butt" was shown at the ASIFA East animation festival and won the award for humor in 2 minutes and over category!!
I am proud as all heck to be a part of the new York animation scene!
I am busy finishing up my independent short, getting it ready to start sending out to festival deadlines that are coming up!
Thanks for checking in! These photos are from that night at ASIFA!
See you soon in the blog-verse!


Liam said...

busy as a bee eh? sorry i didn't get a chance to see the short but congrats-all the best with the new short.

christi said...

haha awesome pics. Congrats again :)

shelley ♥ said...

was great meeting you at the ASIFA awards! congrats on your win. :D

Anonymous said...

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